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Published by North Lakes : 29-11-2018

Summer Fast Track Program

Summer Fast Track Program

This Summer Fast Track your kids swimming and water safety with our Fast Track program. This is a 5 days back to back of swimming and water safey classes from 7th to the 11th of January. 

Our fast track program is ideal for any child who hasnt had the opportunity to take part in swimming during the year, has been in the same level for an extended period of time, is almost ready to move up, has just come into a new level or just needing something to keep the kids busy during the break.

Our Fast Track program is not available for those in our infant program and or of Squad level. Those in our Swimming and Water program have a special package that they are able to take advantage of. Those just interested in just taking part in the Fast Track program please contact us on 07 3886 2022 to find out more information.



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This is a great chance to speed up your child's progression in their swimming and water safety journey. With a intense focused class offered every day from 7th to 11th of January.

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