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Northlakes Aquatic Centre offers a Junior and Senior squad program that caters for a wide range of swimmers. Our program runs Monday to Saturdays. FREE trials and assessments can be arranged on 3886 2022 with our Swim Coach Maddie

Swim Squads

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Swim Squads

Our first level is our Junior Squad Program which predominantly focus’ on a swimmer’s enjoyment of swimming. Enjoying swimming and having fun in a team environment is our priority at this level. Swimmers will additionally be introduced to the technical aspects of swimming through the application of drills and learn why we use that drill to improve their swimming. This level therefore is heavily stroke, drill and skill development based which will greatly assist in stroke technique and the production of quality junior swimmers.


Our highest level is our Senior Squad Program which is designed for swimmers who have advanced past our Junior Squad. At this level, stroke drills have become more complex and the distances covered in trainings have increased. Each session at this level is diverse and focus’ on areas such as stroke technique, aerobic and anaerobic capacity, power, speed and race skills. Although this level is more advanced, having fun and working in a team environment continues to be a pivotal focus throughout our squad programs.


All types of swimmers are welcome and should contact Northlakes Aquatic Centre for further information on 07 3886 2022.