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Adult Swimfit was established to cater for an increasing demand for aquatic training options for adults. SwimFit is a recreational squad with an emphasis on aerobic training and stroke improvement. Swimmers can train for fun, fitness or competition in a social environment.

Swim Fit

Swim Fit Features

Swim Fit

  • Builds endurance, muscle strength and cardio fitness
  • Keeps heart rate up
  • Low impact, high intensity interval training
  • Provides all-over body workout
  • Suitable for any fitness level and age
  • Great cross-training
  • Tri-athlone training
  • Open water swimming races

Swimfit is suitable for a wide range of people who already have the basics of freestyle swimming.  For more information contact our centre on 38862022.   



Click here to see our timetable for Aqua Aerobics and Swimfit: http://northlakesac.com.au/timetable-classes